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The Collection That's Taken Over My Life

The ups and downs of a vintage bridal collection two years in the making.

It's been two years since I wore my customised 1940s satin gown at my own wedding and ever since I've received frequent messages asking how to source the perfect wedding dress.

In the years leading up to my wedding I became a fanatical prospector, painstakingly scouring the internet daily for dresses with the X-factor. Once my event was over it had become habitual and I didn't want to stop. 

Throughout my search, I noticed the market lacking in high-end, directional vintage bridal collections, with none in Australia. Despite knowing how costly and laborious it would be to source (given the light colours, the fabrication, the weight, the age, and assiduous cleaning it would require)

I felt a call to continue hunting and collate an Art Garments take on bridal. As is standard for me (a vintage thrill-seeker with moderate hoarding tendencies to keep in check) I went massively overboard.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my entire net worth has been invested in these pieces, now over 120 gowns, minis, suits, skirts, tops, pants, shoes & earrings, from low-key to divinely dramatic.

What was intended to be a boutique capsule has blossomed into a living arm of Art Garments. 

Vintage bridal has taken over my studio and my life. I am now composed of little else than anxiety and excitement about this collection, swinging between moments of self-congratulation and doubt.

Ultimately, I am smitten with how beautiful it turned out, and I am so proud to be offering these pieces to brides seeking something ultra directional, sustainable and singular.

As long promised, I have distilled my years of trawling expertise into a guide to help brides-to-be begin their quest for the perfect vintage wedding looks.

The BRIDAL COLLECTION is now live.