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The Lemon

Sale price$290.00 AUD

Our art scarves were designed as generously proportioned silk pieces worthy of framing, or adorning the body.

The Lemon was the first work to manifest in the Still Life series, composed of a frosted, slimline vintage vase and the last item in artist Leisa Wake's fruit bowl.
Its yummy palette is both striking yet neutral, matching with every item we've wanted to pair it with, from silk skirts to Levis. 

The piece has been consciously designed so the variation in tones and shapes throughout offer the wearer many options, depending on where it is folded. 
They are also purposefully large in size to enable wearing in a multitude of ways. Halter, bandeau, one shouldered, tied crop, over dresses, sarong, belt, dramatic hair piece, the list goes on ~ and we are certain there are ways we haven't yet realised.

The scarves are intended to be experimented with. Discovering new ways to wear part of the fun. We can't wait to see what you create.

Each Still Life scarf has a complementary runner that is the perfect tonal partner. This one's buddy is Butter. The runner and the scarf's contrasting shapes pair together to create more interesting looks.

Each piece was hand painted, printed and finished in Australia. Pure Silk.

Measures 100cm x 100cm